ING / ASN Bank .CSV converter for HomeBank

If you are a user of the HomeBank accounting software, like me, you need to import transaction data from your bank into HomeBank. I am a customer of the Dutch ING Bank so I made a tool to convert their comma-seperated download to a file in the CSV-format that HomeBank understands.

As from January 2019 new versions will be available on my github: HomeBank CSV. New features include GUI mode and Windows / MacOS binaries.

Old versions

- 17 Oct 2011: version 1, initial release
- 05 Aug 2012: version 2, added 'tags' field to CSV-output to comply with latest HomeBank release
- 08 Dec 2014: version 3, adapted input from DD-MM-YYYY to YYYYMMDD to comply with new ING export format
- 09 May 2017: version 4, adapted input from YYYYMMDD to MM/DD/YYYY to comply with new HomeBank import format
- 12 May 2017: version 5, now properly using payee and info fields
- 12 Jan 2019: new versions will be on GitHub, including Windows & Mac binaries and GUI mode


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